NOTICE OF LIMITED WARRANTY: Custom Building Products, Inc., having its headquarters located at Five Concourse Parkway, Atlanta, GA 30328, warrants its product to be of merchantable quality when used or applied in accordance with the instructions on the packaging. The product is not warranted as suitable for any purpose or use other than the purpose for which it is intended as described on the packaging. Liability under this warranty, if found to be defective, is LIMITED to the replacement of the product (as purchased), or at Custom Building Products, Inc.’s option, the refund of the purchase price. This warranty is valid for a period of one (1) year from the purchase of the product and is non-transferable. In the event of a claim under this warranty, notice must be given to Custom Building Products, Inc. at its headquarters by sending a letter to: Custom Building Products, Inc. a/s Warranties, Five Concourse Parkway, Atlanta, GA 30328. THIS WARRANTY IS ISSUED AND ACCEPTED IN LIEU OF ANY AND ALL OTHER EXPRESS WARRANTIES AND EXPRESSLY EXCLUDES LIABILITY FOR INDIRECT AND CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES.

AVIS DE GARANTIE LIMITÉE: Custom Building Products, Inc., dont le siège social est situé au Five Concourse Parkway, Atlanta, GA 30328, garantit que ses produits sont de qualité marchande lorsqu’ils sont utilisés ou appliqués conformément aux directives qui figurent sur leur emballage. Les produits ne sont pas garantis quant à leur caractère convenable à toute fin ou utilisation autre que les fins .auxquelles ils sont destinés selon la description qui figure sur leur emballage. La responsabilité aux termes de cette garantie, s’il est jugé défectueux, SE LIMITE au remplacement du produit (tel qu’il a été acheté), ou, au gré de Custom Building Products, Inc., au remboursement du prix d’achat. Cette garantie est valide pendant une durée de un an à compter de la date d’achat du produit et elle est incessible. En cas de réclamation faite en vertu de cette garantie, un avis doit être donné à Custom Building Products, Inc. par la transmission d’une lettre à son siège social aux coordonnées suivantes : Custom Building Products, Inc. a/s Warranties, Five Concourse Parkway, Atlanta, GA 30328. LA PRÉSENTE GARANTIE EST DONNÉE ET ACCEPTÉE ET TIENT LIEU DE TOUTE AUTRE GARANTIE CONVENTIONNELLE ET ELLE EXCLUT EXPRESSÉMENT TOUTE RESPONSABILITÉ RELATIVE À DES DOMMAGES-INTÉRÊTS INDIRECTS OU CONSÉCUTIFS.

Commercial Installation Systems Warranties

CUSTOM's commercial tile and stone installation systems warranties cover projects when complementary CUSTOM prep, set and grout products are used in non-residential applications. A variety of warranty options are available based on the products selected and jobsite conditions. Our warranties can provide the industry-required protection of 10 years or more to give architects, design professionals and contractors the peace of mind they deserve. We stand behind our products with the longest, most extensive warranties in the industry. Download the appropriate tile and stone installation warranty document below for complete details.


Commercial Installation Systems Warranty - U.S.
Download (pdf, 149KB KB)

Commercial Installation Systems Warranty - Canada
Download (pdf, 152KB KB)

Direct Bond Installation Systems Limited Warranty - French
Download (pdf, 171KB KB)

Direct Bond Installation Systems Limited Warranty - Spanish
Download (pdf, 146KB KB)

Exterior Waterproofing Installation Systems Limited Warranty - English
Download (pdf, 145KB KB)

Exterior Waterproofing Installation Systems Limited Warranty - Spanish
Download (pdf, 119KB KB)

Residential Warranties

Homeowners: Select a qualifying system of eligible Prep, Set and Grout products and CUSTOM will warrant the tile installation for life, including the materials, tile and labor to repair. Qualify for a lifetime system warranty in three easy steps:

  1. Choose qualifying prep products based on your subfloor, wall or countertop type.
  2. Choose a qualifying mortar based on your tile type.
  3. Choose a CUSTOM grout such as Fusion Pro which delivers unsurpassed stain resistance.

CUSTOM’s residential lifetime warranty delivers peace of mind by ensuring the system will be free from manufacturing defects, and will not break down and deteriorate under normal use. See our warranty document for complete details.


Residential Lifetime Warranty - English
Download (pdf, 126KB KB)

Residential Lifetime Warranty - French
Download (pdf, 126KB KB)

Residential Lifetime Warranty - Spanish
Download (pdf, 124KB KB)

Specialized Warranties

CUSTOM products deliver peak performance for many installations. These warranties provide additional benefits for specialized applications of tile and stone. Download these warranties for additional details.


Fusion Pro Stain Proof Color Perfect Warranty - English
Download (pdf, 73KB KB)

Ultimate Care Program - AquaMix - Limited Availability
Download (pdf, 96KB KB)

CustomTech Warranty
Download (pdf, 30KB KB)

Installations Over Ditra and Kerdi Limited Warranty – Canada Only
Download (pdf, 271KB KB)

Installations Over Ditra and Kerdi Limited Warranty – Canada Only (French)
Download (pdf, 169KB KB)

Builder Tile & Stone Installation Systems Warranty

CUSTOM’s 10-year and limited lifetime system warranties cover the tile installation by offering installation product solutions that are designed to meet the specific requirements of today’s residential jobsite conditions. This is the kind of peace of mind that building professionals and new home buyers deserve. Our program covers single family production homes, multi-story residential, semi-custom and custom homes. Consult our warranty for qualifying surface preparation, mortar and grout options.


Builder Tile & Stone Warranty
Download (pdf, 94KB KB)

Warranty Details

Terms and Conditions
Subject to the conditions and limitations stated in this document, Custom® Building Products (CUSTOM) warrants to the original owner that the CUSTOM installation system will be free from manufacturing defects and will not break down or deteriorate under normal usage for the term listed in the warranty documents, based on the products selected for the project, when installed in accordance with CUSTOM’s most recently published instructions, specifications and industry standards and guidelines for said installation. This warranty becomes effective upon validated substantial completion of the project. This warranty is not transferable.

Exclusive Remedy
In installations correctly utilizing CUSTOM products listed in the warranty documents, CUSTOM will repair and/or replace, at its discretion, the affected area of the system. Such cost to CUSTOM shall not exceed the original square foot cost of the installation proven to be defective. CUSTOM is not responsible for shade or dye lots of the finish materials. Proof of product purchase is required with any claim.

Warranty Requirements
CUSTOM installation requirements can be obtained by contacting CUSTOM Technical Services online or over the phone. A complete CUSTOM system of products must be used to qualify for this limited warranty. Surface preparation product selection is optional depending on the job requirements.

All installations over 5,000 square feet must receive pre-approval by contacting a CUSTOM Architectural Consultant. We offer pre-job inspections; call 800-272-8786 or fill out a request online. Multiple residence installations are considered as one installation.

Claims Procedures
If you wish to make a claim under this limited warranty, you must notify CUSTOM immediately in writing at: Technical Services, Custom Building Products, 10400 Pioneer Blvd., Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670. Include any and all information related to an alleged defect of the installation. The claim must be submitted in a timely fashion, and evaluated by CUSTOM before any repair work is done. CUSTOM reserves the right to physically inspect any project with a claim pending prior to determining validity of the claim. Proof of purchase may be required. For any claim that is not valid, CUSTOM will be paid reasonable charges, including travel and labor, associated with investigation of such claim.

Commercial Warranties

We make the best products, so it's natural we'd support them with the best warranty programs. Custom provides product and system warranties that guarantee your installation for up to a lifetime. We can also customize warranties to meet installation specifications.

Please fill out the warranty request form below:
Warranty Request Form


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