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All Continuing Education Seminars

CBP221   Membranes for Ceramic and Stone Tile

This one hour LU/HSW program explores the different types of waterproofing membranes, moisture barrier systems, anti-fracture membranes and sound underlayment technologies. The proper specification of waterproofing, anti-fracture, moisture barrier and sound attenuation membranes is essential to the success of a tile installation. We will review practical application, theories, and system integration for a successful installation.

CBP521   Sound Attenuation Membranes for Ceramic Tile & Stone

This one hour LU/HSW program provides critical information for integration of sound attenuation for hard surface flooring. Topics include design for BOCA and IBC standards in residential and light commercial applications. Impact Insulation Class (IIC) and Sound Transmission Control (STC) are addressed in detail during this program.

CBP316   The Shower Environment & Water Management for Ceramic Tile

This one hour LU/HSW program provides the requirements for water management for typical usage in a shower or tub assembly, proper installation requjirements of shower receptors and pans and construction conditions for future success.

CBP312   Natural Stone Use and Installation

This one hour LU/HSW program will cover the use and specification of natural stone tile, an explanation of different basic mineral types, installation methods, installation requirements and materials and structural values related to stone installations. This program investigates the different stone types for floor and wall installation, and precautions to follow for proper installation and maintenance of natural stone tile.

CBP315   Large Format Tile & Stone Installation

This one hour LU/HSW program covers surface preparation, substrate deflection, installation procedures and grouting issues of large format tile & stone. Learn where large tile and stone should be specified, how well it will perform and the importance of understanding surface preparation, substrate deflection, installation procedures and grouting issues.

CBP413   Grout – Your Choice Really Matters

This one hour LU/HSW program will define and show how to properly specify grout for ceramic tile and natural stone, discuss sanded and non-sanded grouts, latex modified and epoxy grouts and maintenance and basic troubleshooting.

CBP416   What Every Designer Should Know About Tile Installations – IDCEC Approved

This one hour AIA/CES LU/HSW and IDCEC approved program covers different types of tile, their characteristics and where and where not to use them, the new coefficient of friction method requirements, different types of grout, grout joint size requirements, expansion joints and movement joints.

CBP715   Sustainable Floor Coverings: The Case for Ceramic Tile Systems

This one hour LU/HSW program is designed to show how ceramic tile systems compare with other floor coverings regarding sustainability and environmental impact. Attendees will learn how ceramic tile installations conserve energy and resources and reduce the carbon footprint and how ceramic tile installations reduce product-cycle environmental impacts and can help optimize occupant health.

CBP917   Thin Veneer & Manufactured Stone Installation

This one hour LU/HSW program covers the differences between methods and materials for thin veneer, manufactured stone and other masonry materials. Learn how to specify materials and the methods for the installation of thin veneer. Learn about the “Green Value” of thin veneer and see an installation from surface prep to finish.

CBP931   Building Tile Installation Specs with TCNA & ANSI Standards

This one hour LU/HSW program includes a review of the current TCNA Handbook and ANSI Standards followed by a discussion on building specifications for the installation of tile on floors and walls as well as unique areas such as steam rooms, showers or tub surrounds.

CBP951   Glass Tile Performance & Installation

This one hour LU/HSW program covers the unique specification and installation requirements for Byzantine glass tiles, glass mosaics and other glass tile products. A hands-on demonstration of glass mosaic installation procedure is a recommended option for this program. Participants will learn how and when mosaic art began, about different types of glass mosaics, how they are mounted, substrates and proper substrate preparation and how they are installed. Also includes a discussion of pools and domes.

CBP920   Industry Standards for Ceramic, Glass and Stone Tile

This one hour LU/HSW program includes a review of the current industry standards, recent changes to standards and what it is important to consider when writing a specification.

CBP923   Floor Flatness for Ceramic & Stone Tile Installation

This one hour LU/HSW program will provide participants with information on why floor flatness is critical for a tile installation. It covers how floor flatness is specified and measured, the differences between Division 3 and Division 9 requirements, how floor flatness is achieved and how floor flatness affects the safety of the floor.

CBP975   Barrier Free Shower Design and Installation

This one hour LU/HSW program review factors that affect barrier free shower design and installation. This program also counts toward Barrier Free/ADA credits.

CBP942   Concrete Moisture and How It Impacts Floor Covering Installation

This one hour LU/HSW program covers moisture related flooring problems and their causes, helps distinguish and understand moisture contributing factors in a concrete substrate, discusses moisture testing methods and utilization of test results, and shows preventative and corrective methods and materials.

CBP323   Care & Maintenance of Tile & Natural Stone

This one hour LU will provide an indepth look at the function of sealers and the critical role proper maintenance plays. The seminar covers the different types of sealers, benefits and limitations, differences between water-based sealers and key characteristics to look for in every sealer. Attendees will also learn the key compenents of a proper maintenance system including products to use and products not to use.

CBP970   Specifying Gauged Porcelain Tile Panel Slabs

This one hour LU/HSW program discusses gauged porcelain tile panels/slabs which because of their size and thickness require unique installation procedures, unique substrate requirements, lippage criteria, coverage criteria and special floor setting provisions

CBP980   Early Stage Moisture Mitigation and Leveling

Excessive moisture in concrete can cause mold growth within and on building materials resulting in sick building syndrome, air quality issues and exposure of building occupants to hazards and illness. Also, excessive moisture can cause floor coverings to release from the floor causing trip hazards and slip/fall occurrences. This one hour LU/HSW program addresses these issues and how to prevent them.

CBP985   Moisture in New Concrete: Causes, Conditions, Cures

Much research and development has gone into developing a building envelope that prevents moisture from entering a building. This one hour LU/HSW program looks at concrete which can be an unavoidable source of moisture in new construction projects and how to avoid this problem.

CBP990   Ceramic Tile Installations for Educational Facilities

Tile is a healthy option for schools as it contains zero allergens, VOC’s, formaldehyde or pvc. Also, it is mold and mildew resistant and is a safe option as it is slip resistant and fire resistant. Because there are so many designs and colors, tile is very aesthetically pleasing for those inhabiting the space whether it be a classroom, hallway, restroom, cafeteria, etc. This one hour LU/HSW course discusses what factors produce successful tile design and installations in schools.

CBP450   Specifying Tile Post-Pandemic: The Healthy & Hygienic Choice

This one hour LU-HSW program discusses some of the well-known health/wellness benefits of ceramic tile versus other types of floor coverings, the safety and durability of ceramic tile, environmental aspects of ceramic tile and green building attributes traditionally addressed by LEED.


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Interactive PowerPoint Presentation/Workshop

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All Custom Building Products CES facilitators have been trained on CES guidelines and presentation skills. They are considered experts in the field of tile and stone installation and have been involved in the private, public, professional, legal and practical levels of the tile and stone industry.

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Architects, specifiers and other design professionals in the industrial, educational, and commercial market. Audience size can be from one to more than fifty people. This program meets every experience level with time designed into the program for questions and answers.

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