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VersaBond - LFT Weight Test: Can your Mortar Stand up to Large Format Tile?

Video Transcript

Are you using the right mortar for setting large format porcelain or stone?

Make sure the setting material you choose doesn’t slump under weight of today’s large and heavy tile.

CUSTOM’s mortar options stand up to the challenge of the 24-inch, 36 inch and even larger tiles seen on many projects.

Even though the dimensions seem ordinary, tile with one or more sides longer than 15 inches qualifies as large format tile.

These larger tiles require a different class of setting materials along with a flat, sound subfloor.

This video demonstrates the benefits of VersaBond LFT Large Format Tile Mortar.

VersaBond LFT is a non-slump mortar that can be troweled up to three quarters of an inch deep for floor applications.

To begin, this 24-inch tile is backbuttered, just as it should be on a jobsite. Next, the installer keys in a burn coat of mortar to the substrate. Then, the mortar is combed using a large, half-inch notch trowel, with all trowel ridges running in one direction.

The area has been taped off so that no mortar supports the edges of the tile during our weight test.

After the tile is placed in the mortar, the installer moves it back and forth to collapse the ridges.

The test will start without allowing any cure time.

Identical pieces of tile are used as gauges to demonstrate VersaBond LFT’s non-slump properties.

Notice how the tile initially makes contact with the gauges.

The tile in this test weighs 20 pounds, or 5 pounds per square foot.

Under this weight, you can see that the mortar does not slump, and the gauges move freely under the corners of the tile.

To showcase the performance of VersaBond-LFT, a 25-pound weight is added on top. Under a combined 45 pounds, the mortar is still performing as designed.

By adding a second 25-pound weight, the total is up to 70 pounds. That’s almost 20 pounds per square foot, demonstrating the mortar’s ability to stand up beyond the limits of the heaviest tile.

The VersaBond-LFT is still not slumping and all 4 gauges move freely.

Don’t try this yourself, but now the installer is going to stand on this freshly set tile.

As you can see, the corner gauges continue to have free movement in this extreme demonstration.

CUSTOM’s medium bed, dry set mortars for today’s large and heavy tile perform effectively to prevent lippage and slumping.

Don’t risk failed installations. Always select a mortar from CUSTOM’s family of large format tile products to ensure your project’s success.

For more information about CUSTOM’s large format tile mortars, visit our website or give us a call.

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