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Professional Quality Patching Compounds from CustomTech

Video Transcript

Contractors know a solid foundation is critical to every successful flooring installation. So when you need to have a competitive edge, start every job with the CustomTech advantage.

Co-developed with leading contractors, CustomTech is the industry’s most advanced flooring preparation system. CustomTech delivers exceptional strength and durability under all floor coverings. (These) Calcium aluminate patches anchor the full line up including moisture vapor control, primers and high-flow self-leveling underlayments.

CustomTech products help eliminate common installation problems like bond failure, crumbling, mildew and staining. Whether extra prep is required before leveling or just a skim coat, CustomTech has a professional patching solution.

SILK™ Patching & Finishing Compound This smooth-as-silk patch provides a flat and sound finish to a variety of substrates. With its proprietary formula, Silk permits exact water ratios for superior mixing and handling. There is no need to overwater and jeopardize performance strength, so it’s ideal for skim coats or up to one inch deep. Plus, rapid-setting Silk allows most floor coverings in as little as 30 minutes.

TechPatch™ RP Rapid-Setting Ramping Patch TechPatch™ RP is a premium quality underlayment with exceptional handling characteristics, used for ramping, patching or screeding. Apply TechPatch RP from featheredge to 1.5" neat under most floor coverings. It’s perfect for transitions where surfaces meet…and most flooring can be installed in just 60-90 minutes.

TechPatch™ MP Multipurpose Skim Coat and Floor Patch TechPatch™ MP is a fast-setting compound that provides a smooth finish on interior subfloors. Patch, level or skim coat concrete and plywood up to 1/2" thick per application, then install coverings in as little as 30 – 90 minutes.

Best of all, CustomTech has you and your substrate fully covered. Backed by Custom Building Products, the system is eligible for up to a 15-year warranty. Start your next installation project with the best flooring prep available. Learn more about CustomTech systems at or call us at 800.272.8786.

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