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Best Way To Install Fusion Pro® Single Component® Grout

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Fusion Pro is the original, patented, stain proof and color perfect grout. Only from Custom Building Products

Installing formula Fusion Pro grout is faster and easier than ever.
Since it's not a cement, epoxy or urethane-based grout, using Fusion Pro is a little different.

Before you begin, review the Technical Data Sheet online for detailed instructions.

Have the right tools on hand: a medium-to-hard rubber float, buckets and fresh water, grout sponges, a nylon scrubber and microfiber towels. Fusion Pro cures by evaporation so the area needs adequate ventilation.

Make sure the tile has been set for at least 24 hours, the mortar is dry and the substrate does not have a high moisture emission rate.
Tile surfaces and coatings vary widely, so always perform a test with the grout.

CUSTOM recommends presealing or applying grout release when working with hard-to-clean tiles such as porous, textured or coated tile -- or any natural stone.

Begin grouting by wiping the surface with a clean, lightly damp grout sponge. Do not allow any water to puddle on the tile or in the joints. Holding the grout float at a 45 degree angle spread Fusion Pro across the tiled surface, completely filling the grout joints.

The first time you use Fusion Pro, only grout a few square feet at a time. Once you're comfortable, you can extend the area but do not spread for more than one to four minutes at a time. You can spread more Fusion Pro when conditions are cold and damp; less when conditions are warm and dry.

Unlike conventional grouts, clean-up begins immediately, before grouting the next section. Do not allow Fusion Pro to dry or skin-over prior to cleaning.

After spreading, use your float, held at a 90 degree angle, to remove excess grout. Make sure the joints stay full.

Now, using a clean, lightly-damp grout sponge, go over the freshly grouted area.

Clean the grout by holding the sponge flat to the surface and work in a light, circular motion.

Maintain the shape and fullness of the joints as you move across the tile. Residue on the sponge helps to loosen grout on the tile.
Use a light touch and do not over-scrub or over-water.

Then, hold a clean, lightly-damp grout sponge flat against the tile and do a clean-wipe across the tile, diagonally, in one direction.
Flip the sponge and repeat, rinsing as needed to keep it clean.
Drag a clean, moderately damp microfiber towel over the tile – removing any remaining grout from the surface.

Make sure to refill your bucket with fresh water every 30 to 40 feet. Keep the sponge and towel as clean as possible and wring them out fully after each rinse.

Here are some contractor tips: If any grout dries on the surface, re-dampen it right away. Wait two to four minutes and gently agitate with a sponge or nylon scrubber before continuing with the clean-up.

You can also reapply a small amount of grout to help re-emulsify the product and then wipe it clean. Two hours after clean up, inspect the surface for streaks or residue. If streaks or haze are present, apply Aqua Mix Non-Cement Grout Haze Remover (or Tile Lab Grout and Tile Cleaner). Let it soak in for a few minutes then lightly agitate with a white nylon scrub pad. Wipe the surface with clean water and a sponge -- and lightly buff the tile with a microfiber towel.

When grouting both walls and floors together, protect horizontal surfaces from excess wash water used to clean the vertical surface.

Give Fusion Pro three days to fully harden – a little longer in colder temperatures or in higher humidity.

The tile can usually be opened up for light traffic after 24 hours.

With Fusion Pro, there's no need to return and seal the grout.
Guaranteed stain proof and color perfect. Fusion Pro Single Component Grout.

We know grout. Count on Custom.

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