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Install Fusion Pro Grout Faster with Teamwork

Video Transcript

Ready-to-use Fusion Pro is the single component grout that’s guaranteed stain proof and color perfect. Now, spreading and cleaning enhanced Fusion Pro is easier than ever.
And, with a team installation approach, it’s even faster.

Each step of the install is the same as using a cement grout. The main difference is in the timing.

Unlike a cement grout, Fusion Pro is spread and then cleaned immediately.

This video will show how a team working together can achieve maximum production rates while providing the unsurpassed performance of Fusion Pro.

The key to success with this method is having installers create an assembly line. One spreads the grout, one shapes the joints and one cleans the tile and refreshes the rinse water.

Tile contractors are training their crews to grout with Fusion Pro as a team for speed and the best results.

Begin by reading the Technical Data Sheet online for the most up to date product information.

Have a plan to work in a pattern along rows of tile and decide how to rotate positions efficiently so that the grout can be cleaned up immediately.

Begin with a lightly damp wipe of the tile, or pre-treat porous or highly textured tile with Grout Release.

With a crew of three, the first installer spreads the grout for 1-2 minutes, covering 10 square feet. As soon as he moves an arm’s length away, the second installer moves into that position to shape the joints and do the first clean-wipe with a sponge. The third teammate follows up with the microfiber towel drag and keeps the rinse water refreshed.

Make sure sponges and towels are rinsed clean and completely wrung out to prevent any dripping water on the tile or in the joints.
Each installer should only work within arm’s reach. Don’t overspread or overscrub the joints, but keep the process moving in a smooth rhythm of spreading, shaping and cleaning the same size area.

The team will find an even pace that allows them to clean the tile immediately.

For larger teams, the individual shaping and cleaning roles can be broken up further.

With a two man crew, they will swap roles so one spreads and cleans when the other brings fresh water.

The team installation approach has been used successfully to save time and money on jobs of all sizes, from homes to shopping malls.

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