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How to Protect Natural Stone Tile and Counter Tops with Aqua Mix Sealers

Video Transcript

How to use Aqua Mix penetrating and enhancing sealers to prevent staining of natural stone tile, counter tops and outdoor stone installations.

Protect and enhance the beauty of natural stone with easy to apply penetrating sealers. Aqua Mix Sealers help protect natural stone from water and stain causing food and drinks. The sealer also protects exterior stone from the effects of weather and outdoor contaminents. The more porous the stone, the more important it is to seal using a high performance formula.

Aqua Mix Sealer's Choice Gold is a professional quality option. Sealer's Choice Gold is a premium water based sealer that provides maximum stain protection without changing the appearance of the stone. Its rapid curing formula is perfect for use in food preparation areas and for fast-track construction projects.

For a more dramatic look, apply Aqua Mix Enrich 'N' Seal, a premium penetrating sealer that deepends and enhances the color of the stone. Enrich 'N' Seal adds character but will not create any sheen on the surface, leaving the stone looking naturally beautiful.

Stone can be sealed at the job site, though large slabs and tiles are usually presealed after fabrication and prior to installation. 

The first step with all Aqua Mix Sealing products is to clean the area thoroughly to remove any dust or contaminents. Then, apply a coat of the sealer. You can use a sponge, paint pad, roller or soft bristle brush to help reach all areas of an uneven surface. On a vertical surface, apply the sealer from the bottom up to prevent any sealer from running down the wall. Wait five minutes and then any sealer remaining on the stone and or grout should be wiped completely dry using clean cotton or microfiber towels.

If you're applying additional coats to very porous stone, allow the sealed surface to dry for at least 30 minutes in between coats. Sealers provide stain resistance and reaction time to allow spills to be cleaned up. It's still important to clean spills as soon as they're noticed to help prevent any staining of the stone.

For routine cleaning after the stone has been sealed, use a neautral Aqua Mix Stone Cleaner to prevent acid or chemicals from damaging the surface. Periodically test the surface to see if water penetrates. If it does, it's time to reseal the stone.

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