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How to Install LevelQuik RS Self-Leveling Underlayment

Video Transcript

It is important to level floors prior to the installation of tile or other flooring requiring a flat surface. Rapid setting LevelQuik Self-Leveling Underlayment can be poured up to 1 1/2" deep and seeks its own level in minutes. LevelQuik RS helps prevent bond failure, crumbling and staining.

A flat subfloor is the first step to a successful tile or other floor covering installation.
Using LevelQuik RS will help to eliminate lippage or unevenness between tiles and cracks in tile or grout. This is especially important if you are installing large format tile, which is any tile with a side 15 inches or longer.

Rapid-setting LevelQuik cures fast, so it’s ready for tiling in only 4 hours.

Before getting started, review the Technical Data sheet for more detailed instructions. It includes a list of suitable substrates and coverage charts to help you determine the amount of product needed for your project.
Assemble the following materials, depending on your job conditions:
- A 6 gallon or larger pail
- Heavy duty Electric drill
- Egg beater style mixing paddle
- Metal lath with long and screws
- Foam or weather stripping
- Gauge rake
- Smoothing tool, such as a spreader or the flat side of a trowel
- Water
- Large measuring cup
- LevelQuik Primer
- Stiff push broom or paint roller
LevelQuik can be poured over a variety of substrates, including concrete slabs and exterior grade plywood.
Make sure the surface is clean, dry and freshly swept or vacuumed to remove dust.

Before leveling, all substrates must be prepared with an application of LevelQuik Latex Primer.

Wooden subfloors require attaching a reinforcing layer of metal lath after priming.
Make sure all perimeters, penetrations and movement joints are blocked.

Once the LevelQuik primer has dried, typically 1-3 hours, you’re ready to begin mixing and applying LevelQuik RS.

LevelQuik RS is a rapid setting product, designed to reduce your project installation time.
Put 5 ¼ - 5 ¾ quarts of clean, cool water in a large bucket or other mixing container.
Slowly add the entire bag of LevelQuik while mixing.
We recommend using a heavy duty ½-inch electric drill and an eggbeater mixing paddle with a minimum speed of 650 RPM.
Mix for 2 minutes, without moving the paddle up and down.
Pour the contents onto the subfloor immediately after mixing.
Work from the back wall towards the front of the room so you do not step in leveler that has already begun curing.
Additional buckets should be poured adjacent to previous pours so they merge into each other.
Keep a wet edge at all times until you complete the placement of leveler.

Using a gauge rake, be sure to spread LevelQuik all the way to the dams at the walls or edges of the room.
Follow up with a smoothing tool or the flat side of a trowel.
LevelQuik can be applied from a feather edge up to 1 ½ inches deep.
Once it’s dry, you’re ready to begin tiling.
Don’t forget to fill movement joints and changes of plane with a flexible caulk or sealant, when you are grouting your tile project.

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