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How to Install CUSTOM SpeedSlope® Rapid Setting Sloping Mortar

Video Transcript

Prepare a mortar bed in record time - with SpeedSlope Rapid Setting Sloping Mortar – from Custom Building Products.

SpeedSlope is a polymer-modified cement-based mortar bed that’s pre-blended. Just add water and mix!

SpeedSlope’s advanced formula cures in as little as an hour.

It’s ideal for floating shower floors on fast track projects!
Installation is easy when you follow these simple steps.

First, review the Technical Data Sheet online for the most comprehensive details and coverage charts.

Depending on your project, you may need the following tools and materials:

• Mortar mixer or Hole Hawg
• Eggbeater or square cage mixing paddle
• Five gallon mixing bucket
• Flat wooden and steel trowels
• Level and screeds
• Eye protection
• Dust mask
• and impervious gloves, such as nitrile

Ensure that surfaces are clean and dry, as contaminants could prevent a strong bond.

Plan on using 5 to 6 bags of SpeedSlope when preparing a 3 by 5 foot shower floor.

Keep the mortar and water cool to maximize working time.

Have a helper mix the mortar since total working time is about 30 minutes.

SpeedSlope can be mixed into two distinct consistencies for different applications.

A semi-damp, dry pack texture is required for creating a bonded mortar bed.

To create the dry pack, mix the contents of one 50 pound bag with 2 and a half quarts of water.

Mix on high gear until the powder has no clumps and holds its shape when squeezed.

Empty the entire bucket and continue spreading one bucket load at a time.

The shower floor can be floated up to 3 inches deep.

Use the last bucketful to tamp in, set screeds and rod off extra material, then fill any low spots.

Showers and all other wet areas must be properly pitched to drains, sloping one-quarter inch per foot.

Finish with a steel trowel for an ultra-smooth surface to accept waterproofing.

SpeedSlope will be warm to the touch and lighten in color as it cures. Once dry, it’s ready for waterproofing.

For deep patching or pre-sloping over rough concrete, mix SpeedSlope to a wet pack, plastic consistency.

Combine one bag of powder with 3 and a half to 4 quarts of water.

Mix on high gear using a Hole Hawg with a square cage mixing paddle until lump free - about 2 minutes.

Use the wet pack to prepare a scrub coat, fill trenches, create ramps or patch up to 5 inches deep.

To create a shower in a day, combine SpeedSlope with RedGard® SpeedCoat Rapid Curing Waterproofing Membrane.

SpeedCoat cures in as little as an hour...even in challenging cold or humid conditions.

This shower prep system is the fastest way to complete a shower in a day.

Keep projects on the fast track with rapid-setting mortar and grout from CUSTOM. And, when you install a complete system of eligible CUSTOM products, the installation can qualify for up to a lifetime warranty.

To learn more about SpeedSlope and our rapid setting installation system, visit us online at – or give us a call at 800-272-8786

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