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How to Clean Natural Stone Tile and Counter Tops with Aqua Mix

Video Transcript

How to Maintain the Beauty of Natural Stone with Aqua Mix Cleaners

Maintain the exquisite original beauty of natural stone with proper care and cleaning.
Regular household cleaners may contain harsh chemicals and acids that can damage stone countertops and floor tile including grout.

Professional quality Aqua Mix cleaners from Custom Building Products are pH neutral and will not etch the surface or disintegrate grout. They are safe for everyday use and help preserve the finish of stone; especially polished stone. These cleaners are not only designed to clean and help maintain the beauty of stone, but will also help maximize the life and performance of sealed stone.

It’s easy to clean and maintain the sealer for your stone countertops or walls with an everyday cleaner like AquaShield. Follow the label directions and spray over a manageable area, then wipe with a sponge. Let it sit for a few minutes on tough soils. Any scrubbing should be done with a white nylon scrub pad that will not scratch the stone. Once cleaned, buff the surface dry with a soft cotton, microfiber or paper towel.

For neglected or heavily soiled areas, use an Aqua Mix heavy-duty cleaner like Stone Deep Clean. Read all label directions carefully, clean the surface of any debris and dilute the cleaner as instructed.

Then, apply it to the surface with a mop or sponge and allow it to dwell based on the directions.

Finally, agitate with a white nylon scrub pad or brush and mop up the remaining product. Don’t allow any cleaner to dry on the surface. Rinse thoroughly with clean water.
Now that the stone has been deep cleaned, you can return to an everyday maintenance program with neutral cleaners from Aqua Mix that will ensure long-lasting beauty.

Occasional use of Aqua Mix Brilliance or Stone Clean & Shine will add extra luster and shine to polished stone countertops.

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