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How to Care for Tile and Grout with TileLab Cleaning Products

Video Transcript

Caring for Tile and Grout with TileLab Cleaning Products 

Proper care and cleaning of tile and grout will help it look great for years to come.
Regular household cleaners may contain harsh chemicals and acids that can damage tile, etch stone and disintegrate grout.

TileLab Grout & Tile Cleaner from Custom Building Products won’t scratch or etch because it is non-abrasive and non-acidic.
It’s safe for everyday use and helps protect your investment in beautiful tile and stone. TileLab cleaners also extend the life of TileLab sealers. TileLab Cleaner & Resealer help maintain the stain resistance of sealed stone and grout, 

It’s easy to remove soap scum and kitchen grease with TileLab cleaners that are specifically formulated for everyday cleaning needs.
Follow the label directions and spray or apply the cleaner with a towel or sponge over a manageable area. Wipe clean and rinse if necessary before drying the surface. For tougher soils, wait several minutes before wiping. If the buildup requires scrubbing, use a white nylon scrub pad to avoid scratching the tile.

For neglected or heavily soiled areas, use TileLab Heavy Duty Stripper & Cleaner.
Read all label directions carefully, clean the surface of any debris and dilute the cleaner as instructed. Then, apply it to the surface with a mop or sponge and allow it to dwell based on the directions. Finally, agitate with a white nylon scrub pad or brush and mop up the remaining product. Don’t allow any cleaner to dry on the surface.

For maximum protection, reseal the surface with a TileLab sealer like SurfaceGard. Then, return to an everyday cleaning program with TileLab products to ensure long-lasting, great-looking tile, stone and grout.

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