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Glass Tile Installation Tips

Video Transcript

Learn more about Glass Tile Premium Thin-set Mortar

Transcript: Are you planning a glass tile installation? Remember these simple tips to ensure a successful project. 

Don’t cut corners! Use a thin-set mortar that’s right for the job.

CUSTOM Glass Tile Premium Thin-set Mortar was specially formulated for bonding to glass, spreads smoothly and will not sag or shrink. 

Take special care not to leave voids that can show through the glass.

You can prevent this by knocking down trowel ridges with the straight side of the trowel. Then, back-butter each tile, pressing the two mortared surfaces together with a back and forth motion.

A very bright white mortar such as CUSTOM Glass Tile Thin-Set will enhance the color of transparent tiles.

Glass thermally expands and contracts, which can lead to cracks in the tile or grout. Be sure to install caulk movement joints at perimeters and changes of plane.

Before setting, always do a test with your glass tile, mortar and grout, and read the product directions before you begin. 

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