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Fusion Pro Installation Time Lapse Comparison

Video Transcript

Fusion Pro grout is fast and easy to install. Some contractors have asked it if it is just as fast as cement grouts. Now, you can see for yourself. 

Custom Building Products timed the installation of Fusion Pro versus a standard cement grout. 

The Fusion Pro installation is on the left, and progress on the cement grout is on the right. 
The installer, tile and weather were the same during both installations. 

First, since Fusion Pro is a single component grout, there is no mixing required. The installer is able to begin grouting right away, straight from the bucket. On the right, the installer had to mix the cement grout and allow it to slake 5-10 minutes, then remix.

Fusion Pro is creamy, so it spreads easily, making the job go fast.

As you can already see, the Fusion Pro grout is installed and then cleaned in small sections. 

You grout for just 3-4 minutes at a time, then clean up that area and move on to the next section. 

After just over an hour, the installer has completed grouting and cleaning this 100 SF floor of tile using Fusion Pro.

Fusion Pro requires no sealing, so if this was a job site – the install would be complete. There is no need to wait for days, then return and seal the grout to finish the job.

The installer is done cleaning the cement grout after more than an hour and a half. 

A helper mixed more cement grout as the installer kept working.

The results: Fusion Pro grout is 25% faster to install and clean than standard cement grout. And if you wanted to add in the time to seal the cement grout, Fusion Pro is even faster.

Results: Fusion Pro grout is 25% faster to install and clean.

• Unsurpassed Stain Resistance
• Easy to Install and Clean
• Ultimate Color Consistency

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