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CustomTech TechMVC Moisture Vapor Control for Flooring Preparation on Young Concrete

Video Transcript

When a concrete slab presents high moisture issues, CUSTOM TechMVC Moisture Control and Alkalinity Barrier is the proven solution!  TechMVC is a key component of the CustomTech flooring preparation system that’s designed for use with all floor coverings.

This high density, 100% solids epoxy is specifically formulated to control concrete moisture vapor emissions and meets strict ASTM F3010 product standards.  TechMVC can be used on concrete substrates measuring up to 100% relative humidity, 25 pounds MVT and a pH of 14.   A single coat application brings floors into compliance with ASTM F710 requirements and creates an alkaline barrier between the slab and adhered floor coverings. 

TechMVC is also integral to the CustomTech Early Stage Leveling and Moisture Control System for new construction.  Now, young concrete can be treated within a few days. Using an advanced acrylic primer technology over TechMVC eliminates the addition of a costly epoxy primer and the extra time, labor and silica exposure of the sand broadcast method.  Floors are flattened before the exterior walls are even in place!  This increases speed for multiple trades now working from a flat or level substrate and benefits the bottom line costs of the whole project.

Surface Preparation

The slab must be clean, sound and surface-dry, then shot blasted to an ICRI Concrete Surface Profile #3 to remove laitance, enhance porosity and allow strong mechanical bonding.  TechMVC must be applied while temperatures remain between 50 and 90 degrees.  Always ensure that there is no condensation on the surface.  Static, movement-free control joints and in-plane cracks up to 1/8-inch can be treated with TechMVC alone; use a 1:2 ratio with 30-pound sand to fill non-structural joints over 1/8-inch.   


Premix Part A right in the bucket for 2-3 minutes with a low speed mixer, then add the Part B component and mix for 2 more minutes until completely blended.  Use a paint paddle and keep the paddle submerged to prevent air bubbles.  Pour the entire contents of the bucket on the floor immediately and begin spreading. 

Apply TechMVC with a 1/8-inch v-notch squeegee and then backroll with a 3/8-inch lint free roller to attain the proper coverage. Always maintain a wet edge to create a seamless membrane.  Since this is a rapid-curing epoxy, a crew will be needed to supply and spread fresh material.  Ensure proper ventilation, wear personal protective equipment during application and clean tools with a solvent.



TechMVC typically cures to tack-free in 4 hours, but cooler temperatures will slow the process.  Protect the membrane from traffic, contaminants or punctures and always prime the surface once dry prior to leveling. Ensure that all voids or pinholes are filled and the membrane is fully cured before moving to the next step. 

Prime TechMVC with undiluted TechPrime A Advanced Acrylic Primer. Apply the primer with a paint roller and allow to dry before installation of the self-leveling underlayment.  For this stage, consider versatile, high-flow TechLevel 150 - a premium underlayment can stand up to the service conditions of most projects.

As with any product, consult the product Technical Data Sheet for additional details before use. Our Technical Service department is also available online or on the phone to help out with any questions.

When it comes to subfloor preparation, count on CustomTech, the industry’s most advanced flooring preparation system.  Visit our website or give us a call at 800.272.8786.

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