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Count on Aqua Mix Sealers – The Choice of Professional Tile Contractors

Video Transcript

Count on Aqua Mix for the industry’s best tile and stone protection, offering smarter products for professional results.

Experienced contractors turn to Aqua Mix for proven solutions that deliver lasting performance with no callbacks - year after year.

A quality sealer keeps tile and stone looking as beautiful as the day it was installed.

Listen to industry veterans share why they rely on Aqua Mix sealers on their projects

“They develop the best products that are on the market”

“Whatever the surface treatment we put on the stone, it’s got an amazing penetration to it; the other quality that is just exceptional is the enhancement of the color that’s in our stone.”

Aqua Mix premium, penetrating sealers are formulated with unique, high quality active ingredients compared to typical competitors.

As a result, only Aqua Mix products deliver complete coverage, filling pores and bonding to the surface with a thin layer of polymers.

This technology ensures the most advanced level of stain protection for tile and natural stone.

“To this day, I’ve never had a stain show up “

“Customers love the performance “

“Never had an issue or a complaint”

Aqua Mix® has the right sealer for any job.

For maximum protection against stains and a natural, no-sheen look, apply Sealer's Choice® Gold or UltraSolv.

“We’ve been using this product for many many years – it’s the helper that we’re all looking in this trade”

“The basic choice between the highest quality sealers is between Ultra Solv and Sealer’s Choice Gold. I haven’t found anything that outperforms those sealers.”

To deepen and enhance tile and stone’s original appearance, with the same powerful protection, choose Enrich 'N' Seal.

“I’ve been using Enrich N' Seal for 14 years, use it every chance I get, it lasts longer, just an incredible product”

“The only results we are confident of is Enrich ‘N’ Seal”

AquaMix penetrating sealers withstand the test of time, even lasting a decade or more in challenging conditions like submerged, heavy duty and exterior applications.

“It’s been in for at least 10 years with no callbacks – the original sealer is still hanging in there”

“I’ve not seen anything last 12 years except Enrich ‘N’ Seal . In my opinion, it’s the best on the planet.”

“Sealed front and back – absolutely no problems in 10 years in a shower application”

“Enrich ‘N’ Seal is the best enhancer on the market – it’s enhancing effect is virtually permanent.”

Performance like this is the reason Aqua Mix leads the industry ...
as the most preferred brand of sealers and cleaners by professional contractors

Aqua Mix helps keep tile and stone installations looking beautiful by offering protection for years to come.

“When you can still see it’s enhanced after 10 years – that makes a huge difference.”

“None of those more expensive competitors can give you the value that Aqua Mix carries, and they don’t out test the Aqua Mix sealers.”

“We love it, we’re happy, we’re going to continue to use it.”

Aqua Mix, from Custom Building Products.

Smarter products for professional results.

To learn more about how to protect natural stone, tile and grout with Aqua Mix sealers, cleaners and problem solvers, visit our website or give us a call.

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