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Aqua Mix Grout Release Makes Grout Clean Up Fast and Easy

Video Transcript

Make grout clean up faster and easier -- and help to eliminate the potential for grout haze -- with Aqua Mix Grout Release.

It’s the cost effective way to protect against tile and stone staining during the grouting process – and to help ensure tile installation projects remain on-time and problem free.

Today, tile comes in an endless variety of styles. Many of these include porous tiles, textured surfaces, micro-textures or factory-applied coatings.

All of these elements can lead to unexpected grout removal challenges.

Aqua Mix Grout Release is the solution! This water-soluble, pre-grout coating inhibits grout from bonding to the face of the tile. Unlike a penetrating sealer that fills pores, Aqua Mix Grout Release clings to surface ridges that can trap grout.

It spreads easily and cures quickly, protects against grout and mortar staining, speeds the grouting process and eases grout clean up.

The AquaMix Grout Release formula is thick and viscous for total protection and trouble-free application on vertical surfaces such as walls.

When tile is heavily textured, Aqua Mix Grout Release is helpful whether or not the tile has been sealed. If the project will not be pre-sealed, applying grout release is a wise investment.

Using this product is easy. First, the tile must be clean and dry and the mortar must be fully cured.

Apply Aqua Mix Grout Release with a sponge, roller or brush. Allow it to dry for at least 30 minutes before grouting.

Do not further dampen the tile as a pre-grouting step.

Then, just install and clean any grout following the manufacturer’s directions.

The grout release will be removed by water used during grout clean up.

Help to ensure tile installations are problem-free - with Aqua Mix Grout Release.

If grout haze occurs after clean up, ask for the appropriate Aqua Mix Grout Haze Remover.

For more information about preventing or removing grout haze or stains visit our website or give us a call.

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