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Today there's a uniquely formulated, high performance cement grout with a full spectrum of color-consistent, stain-resistant benefits.

A grout that’s ideal for virtually any tiling project.

Prism Ultimate Performance Cement Grout - your “Go-To Grout” for reliability, versatility and proven results.

With Prism, setting the high-performance standard in cement-based grout technology begins with uniform, consistent color.

Prism's exclusive, calcium-aluminate formula controls hydration to ensure color consistency without shading or mottling, regardless of weather conditions.

Adding to its unparalleled performance, Prism does not contribute to unsightly efflorescence.

Uniform color throughout the project with no efflorescence means no callbacks to address installation problems.

Next, there's Prism’s industry-leading stain resistance.

Prism creates super-dense grout joints that resist stains better than any other cement grout.

CustomLite technology combines lightweight, recycled glass spheres with specially selected fine aggregate sand for superior handling.

These rounded components create a signature smooth texture that readily fills grout joints and makes application easy.

This unique formula also means Prism is extremely versatile on the job.

Prism is ideal for grout joints from one-sixteenth inch up to one-half inch. Use it in any sanded grout application or in place of non-sanded grout in narrow joints, like plank tile assemblies. Prism also performs exceptionally well in the extra-wide and deep joints found with pebble or irregular tile.

What's more, Prism is the grout of choice for challenging applications, such as wet areas, exteriors or submerged tile.

And unlike some grouts, Prism sets up quickly. It's walkable in as little as four hours.

Thanks to its recycled content...

Prism contributes to LEED certification and weighs 30 percent less than other grouts.

That helps make Prism easier to carry, mix, spread and clean -- while delivering the most impressive results of any cement grout.

With no callbacks. And the peace of mind that comes with Custom's Lifetime Warranty.

Plus, Prism is available in a wide array of designer colors -- with matching caulk and silicone sealant to fill movement joints.

No wonder Prism is a favorite of tile installers for its smooth workability, color consistency and performance -- saving contractors and project owners time and money.

With a wide spectrum of unmatched benefits like these, it's time you made Prism your “Go-to Grout."

Prism Ultimate Performance Cement Grout.

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