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Recycled Materials


Build Green HouseCustom Building Products uses post-consumer and pre-consumer recycled materials whenever possible in manufacturing products. Look for our Build Green® logo to find products made with recycled materials. Utilizing recycled materials helps conserve natural resources and reduce the amount of waste sent to landfills. The use of lightweight recycled materials in our CustomLite® products helps to reduce fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions from transportation.


Ceramic tile is known for its durability and long life over other floor covering options. Custom Building Products designs highly durable products with up to Lifetime Warranties that reduce the need for frequent replacement and provide the installation with a long Life Cycle.

LEED® Information

While USGBC does not certify products, the use of any of more than 100 of Custom's products will contribute to LEED certification of the project.


Potential Credit Contributions towards LEED Projects:

  • Recycled Content (Credits MR 4)
  • Regional Manufacturing (Credits MR 5)
  • Low Emitting Materials - Adhesives and Sealants (Credit IEQ 4.1)
  • Low Emitting Materials - Paints and Coatings (Credit IEQ 4.2)

LEED is a Registered Trademark of United States Green Building Council (USGBC). 

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