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Shower Installation Systems

Hard core performance.
Fast, easy installation.

Custom’s Shower Installation Systems: waterproof shower slopes and accessories, exclusively manufactured by KBRS.
NOTE: This line has been discontinued.

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Custom Shower Installation Systems

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The strongest concrete mortar substitute shower subfloor preparation system available.

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RedGard® HardCurb™, RedGard® ShowerSeat™, RedGard® ShowerNiche™, drain and sealant.

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RedGard® Fabric Membrane System

Waterproof and vapor-proof fabric membranes for fast and easy preparation for walls and floors.

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RedGard® Shower Bases

Factory made, prefabricated, pre-waterproofed shower bases.

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RedGard® Shower Kit

Complete, fully warranted, fully waterproof systems for a fast, easy and durable way to prepare a shower for tiling.

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