RedGard® Waterproofing and Crack Prevention Membrane

Product ID: TDS-104

The #1 trusted and reliable liquid-applied waterproofing membrane for your go-to commercial and residential tile and stone applications. It creates a waterproof membrane barrier and reduces crack transmission for use on both interior and exterior substrates. It bonds directly to clean metal drains, PVC, stainless steel, and ABS drain assemblies. It can be used as a slab-on-grade moisture vapor barrier under all types of floor coverings.

  • Ready to use to roll on; Quick dry formula
  • Listed with IAPMO for use as a shower pan liner
  • Extra heavy-duty rated for steam shower use

Coverage Chart

Size Coverage
RedGard as Crack Prevention Membrane:
1 Gallon (3.78 L) 100 sq. ft (9.3 M2)
3.5 Gallon (13.2 L) 350 sq. ft. (32.5 M2)
RedGard as Crack Prevention Membrane meeting ANSI A118.12
1 Gallon (3.78 L) 25 sq. ft. (2.3 M2)
3.5 Gallon (13.2 L) 88 sq. ft. (8.2 M M2)
RedGard as Waterproof Membrane:
1 Gallon (3.78 L) 55 sq. ft. (5.1 M2)
3.5 Gallon (13.2 L) 192 sq. ft. (17.8 M2)
RedGard as IAPMO Pan Liner meeting ANSI A118.10:
1 Gallon (3.78 L) 40 sq. ft. (3.7 M2)
3.5 Gallon (13.2 L) 140 sq. ft. (13 M2)

Chart for estimating purposes. Coverage may vary based on installation practices and jobsite conditions.

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