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Star Bond Latex Additive

STAR BOND is a ready-to-use bonding agent for concrete, stone, brick or similar substrates.

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STAR BOND is designed for use as a primer for new or old properly prepared substrates. When evenly coated over the substrate, it reduces the surface porosity and forms a tacky film thus preparing substrate for a cementitious bond coat. Used as an additive to the bond coat material (see manufacturer’s instructions), STAR BOND will enhance the curing of concrete by retarding moisture loss.


TDS Documents

Technical Data Sheet


Suitable Substrates

STAR BOND can be used over properly prepared concrete block, concrete slabs, stone, brick, cinder block, sheetrock, WonderBoard® Backerboard and other similar substrates. It can be used over damp walls, such as swimming pools and other wet areas.

General Surface Prep

Surfaces to be primed must be clean and free from dust, loose particles, oils, surface hardeners, paint and any other anti-adherents. Smooth concrete should be abraded or etched before application.

Health Precautions

EYE AND SKIN IRRITANT. Avoid contact with eyes. Do not take internally. FIRST AID: In case of contact, flush eyes with large amounts of water for at least 15 minutes. Wash affected skin area with soap and water. If irritation persists, see a physician. If ingested, contact a physician immediately. Protect product from freezing. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.

Limitations to the Product

STAR BOND, as a primer coat must not be diluted with water. Extremely porous cement surfaces should be dampened before application. Fresh films of STAR BOND are water sensitive, as the product must retackify upon application of mortar. For best results, apply the mortar when STAR BOND becomes tacky. Dried films lose water sensitivity and will not retackify, resulting in bond failures. If this happens, a fresh coat must be applied before troweling of thin set bond coat.

Mixing Procedures

STAR BOND is pre-mixed, ready-to-use. Shake well before using.

Application of Product

STAR BOND can be rolled, brushed, or sprayed on. It should be used undiluted for maximum strength. If the substrate is porous or hot, dampen with water before applying STAR BOND. Use only when surface and air temperatures are greater than 50° F (10° C). Apply a thin, even coat, do not leave puddles or material on the substrate.

Curing of Product

Depending on surface porosity and ambient temperature, STAR BOND will dry to touch within 10 – 15 minutes.

Cleaning of equipment

Use water for clean-up

Warranty Information

Product Warranty

Seller warrants that should this product prove to be defective material, it will replace the same or refund the purchase price of the goods. THIS WARRANTY IS IN PLACE OF ALL OTHER WARRANTS EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED. WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND OF FITNESS ARE HEREBY DISCLAIMED. The suitability of a product for an intended use shall be solely up to the user. Seller assumes no liability for consequential damages. Its liability shall in no event exceed the purchase price of the materials supplied by it. No person has the authority to change these items and there are no warranties except as herein stated.

Coverage Chart

250 – 300 sq. ft. per gallon (23.2 – 27.9 M2 per L)

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