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Dry Grout

DRY GROUT is non-sanded and formulated for grouting porous floor and wall tiles with joints up to 1/8" (3 mm) wide. Ideal for use with glazed tile and polished marble that can be scratched by sanded grout. It can be used for interior and exterior applications. Meets ANSI A118.6 specifications.

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  • For grouting soft glazed tile, marble or other polished stone that could be scratched by sanded grouts.
  • For grout joints up to 1/8" (3 mm). Use on floors, countertops, walls, ceilings, showers, fountains and pools.
  • For interior or exterior installations.


TDS Documents

Technical Data Sheet


General Surface Prep

Tile must be firmly attached to a sound substrate and setting material must be cured a minimum of 24 – 48 hours before grouting. Remove all spacers. Grout joints should be uniform in depth and width and free of all loose debris, contaminants and excess mortar. Pre-seal tile or stone that can be subject to staining with TileLab SurfaceGard Stone, Grout & Tile Sealer.

Limitations to the Product

Portland cement grout should not be installed when ambient temperature is below 50° F (10° C) or for exterior applications if rain is expected within 24 hours.

For industrial and commercial installations where chemical resistance is required, use CEG-2000™ 100% Solids Commercial Epoxy Grout in accordance with ANSI A118.3.

Generally white grout is best suited for grouting white or light colored marble or granite. Follow tile manufacturer’s recommendations. Test a small area prior to use.

Certain tile with high absorption, surface porosity or rough, textured surfaces and certain types of porcelain may require sealing prior to grouting to prevent staining. Use TileLab® SurfaceGard® Stone, Grout & Tile Sealer as a grout release to prevent grout staining when required.

Efflorescence, a crystalline deposit that sometimes appears on cement grout as a whitish powder or crust, can occur with any Portland cement based product. If it occurs, remove with TileLab Sulfamic Acid Cleaner or Grout Haze Remover according to directions. Some natural stones are sensitive to acids. Test cleaners in an inconspicuous area before use. If the stone is sensitive, use TileLab Heavy-Duty Cleaner & Strippe

Mixing Procedures

Start with 3 pints (1.4 L) of cool, clean water. Mix in 10 lbs. (4.54 kg) of grout with a margin trowel or low speed mixer (less than 300 RPMs) to a smooth, paste-like, non-pourable consistency. If needed, up to one pint (473 ml) of additional water may be added to adjust consistency. Do not use additives. Let stand 10 minutes, re-mix before use. Periodically re-stir; do not add additional water as this weakens the material. Discard grout when too stiff to work, about 2 hours.

Application of Product

Installation to conform to ANSI A108.10. Lightly dampen absorptive, highly porous tile with clean, cool water but leave no standing water in the joints. Holding a rubber grout float at a 45° angle, force grout diagonally into joints ensuring joints are completely filled. Remove excess grout using edge of float held at a 90° angle. Cleanup can begin when grout can be only slightly indented when pushed hard with your fingernail or about 10 – 20 minutes depending on type of tile and ambient temperature. Use as little water as possible for grout cleanup. Excess water will weaken the joint, cause variation in color and may cause shrinkage, cracks or pinholes. Smooth and level joints and remove excess grout from tile with a damp (not wet) small pore (hydrophilic) grout sponge using a circular motion. Change water and rinse sponge frequently. Using clean water and sponge will enhance color uniformity. Wait 2 hours before removing haze from tile surface with a soft, dry cloth.

Curing of Product

Periodically mist the installation with clean, cool water for 3 days. If grouting dense (low absorptive), vitreous or semi-vitreous tile, curing time will be extended. We recommend using MASTER COLOR™ GROUT.

Cleaning of equipment

Cleanup Clean tools and hands with water before material dries.

Product Maintenance

Seal grout joints with TileLab SurfaceGard Stone, Grout & Tile Sealer after grout has cured for 48 – 72 hours. For routine cleaning use a TileLab cleaner.

Warranty Information

Product Warranty

Seller warrants that should this product prove to be defective material, it will replace the same or refund the purchase price of the goods. THIS WARRANTY IS IN PLACE OF ALL OTHER WARRANTS EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED. WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND OF FITNESS ARE HEREBY DISCLAIMED. The suitability of a product for an intended use shall be solely up to the user. Seller assumes no liability for consequential damages. Its liability shall in no event exceed the purchase price of the materials supplied by it. No person has the authority to change these items and there are no warranties except as herein stated.

Coverage Chart

Dry Grout Coverage Chart

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