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Dependable performance and color.

CUSTOM Grout Solutions offers you the most comprehensive selection of tile grout in North America.  Known for its rock-solid durability and quality, count on CUSTOM for your tile grout needs.  See our refreshed grout color palette complementing today's tile trends - 40 colors available. 

Watch our Top 5 Tips video on how to choose the right grout for your project.

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Single Component® Grout

Discover the stain proof grout. This Single Component Grout Solution is ready-to-use right out of the bucket. No mixing required. Infused with Microban® brand antimicrobial protection to exceed your performance expectations.

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Epoxy Grout

The Commercial Epoxy Grout (CEG) family is ideal for use where the best chemical resistance, stain resistance, and color uniformity are desired. Lightweight grout and industrial grade grout options available.

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Cement Grout

Traditional and durable sanded and non-sanded grouts that provide supreme value. CUSTOM offers both standard and higher performance options.

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Pre-Mixed Grout

The no-mix, no-mess alternative to traditional grout is resistant to common stains and ideal for grout restoration. CUSTOM's simple grout product family offers the easiest option.

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Caulk & Sealant

Sealants color matched to CUSTOM grout colors to be used in conjunction with tile work and designed to accommodate movement.

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Grout Additives

Accessory products designed to enhance grout performance.

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Grout Colorant

Products formulated to revitalize and enhance grout color.

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Slider - Stain Resistant

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Slider - Prism Color

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