When it comes to waterproofing and crack isolation in tile assemblies, trust the RedGard brand from Custom Building Products.

RedGard’s proven performance in both residential and commercial applications has made it one of the best selling waterproofing and crack prevention brands in North America.

Count on CUSTOM’s complete RedGard family of products for fast, reliable tile installations.

The legacy started with RedGard Liquid Waterproofing and Crack Prevention Membrane, a ready-to-use, easy-to-apply elastomeric product that sets the industry standard.

RedGard Liquid creates a bonded waterproof and low perm vapor barrier with outstanding adhesion that outperforms the competition.

Original RedGard Liquid also isolates cracks in subfloors to help prevent minor substrate movement from transmitting through the tile and grout.

It can be used on interiors or exteriors, and offers durable protection in extra heavy service conditions, including steam showers, health clubs, pools, fountains and commercial kitchens.

RedGard Liquid delivers monolithic coverage for any shape or size area that needs waterproofing or crack isolation before tiling.

Choose RedGard SpeedCoat Rapid Curing Waterproofing Membrane when you want to apply liquid waterproofing, but need to speed up the cure.

This revolutionary formula uses cross-linking, moisture-cure technology to cure in as little as one hour.

RedGard SpeedCoat is ideal for conditions that are hot and humid or cold and damp because it does not rely on evaporation to cure.

To complete shower preparation in a day, pair RedGard SpeedCoat with CUSTOM’s SpeedSlope Rapid Setting Sloping Mortar.

Simplify tile projects by installing RedGard Uncoupling Mat. It’s a faster, lighter weight alternative to cement backerboard but the benefits don’t stop there.

RedGard Uncoupling Mat is the crack isolation, waterproofing and vapor management membrane that can be applied over challenging substrates like plywood and young concrete. The mat’s unique design absorbs the stress of substrate movement to preserve the surface and integrity of the tile and grout. With RedGard Uncoupling Mat, you’re ready to begin tiling immediately.

Best of all, when you install ANY RedGard surface preparation product along with an eligible CUSTOM mortar and grout.

The entire tile assembly can quality for up to a lifetime system installation warranty.
For fast and reliable waterproofing and crack isolation, trust the proven RedGard family of products. Only from CUSTOM.

To learn more about how the industry leader can protect your next tile installation, visit our website or give us a call.

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