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Custom Building Products recently strengthened its line of award-winning Aqua Mix tile and stone care products with a focus on grout haze prevention and removal. In addition to updating our Aqua Mix Grout Release, we have also introduced Aqua Mix Cement Grout Haze Remover and Aqua Mix Non-Cement Grout Haze Remover to help installers avoid or address costly and time-consuming call backs associated with grout residue on tile and stone.

Aqua Mix Cement Grout Haze Remover is used to clean cementitious grout residue, as well as hard water stains, rust stains, efflorescence and lime deposits on natural stone, ceramic, porcelain and other acid-resistant tiles. A companion product, Aqua Mix Non-Cement Grout Haze Remover, is ideal for cleaning non-cementitious grout haze, including single component (such as our Fusion Pro®, pre-mixed, urethane and light epoxy from natural stone and standard tile. Both products are easy to use and reduce the time required to clean tile after grout haze has occurred.

Reformulated Aqua Mix Grout Release is a temporary, water-soluble, pre-grout coating that serves as a protective layer between the tile and grout, making cleanup easier on both horizontal and vertical surfaces. The new thicker formula Aqua Mix Grout Release has greater viscosity and better coverage making it ideal for preventing grout haze on even the most highly susceptible textured or porous tile and stone.

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