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What is the fastest way to build a mortar bed and waterproof a shower?

What shower installation method is best suited for your project? The pre-slope and shower pan liner method? Waterproofing on top of the mortar bed using traditional mortar and membrane materials? A rapid curing system?

The traditional method (TCNA method B415) calls for installing a pre-slope on the subfloor of the shower. Then, a plastic shower pan liner is added to the preslope and clamped to the drain, with the liner extended up the walls 3" above the top of the curb.

This mortar bed method has been used for decades, but does have drawbacks. Primarily, it is a time consuming process. Secondly, the thick mortar bed just beneath the tile will fill with water when the shower is used.

This has led many installers to surface waterproofing (TCNA method B421 or B422) of the shower floor mortar bed instead of using a shower pan liner beneath the mortar bed. This keeps the water out of the mortar bed and directs it down the drain. This method eliminates the installation of the pre-slope, but you may still have to wait for slow drying mortars and membrane materials to cure before installing tile.

Custom Building Products has solved these inherent problems with two rapid-curing products for preparing a shower for the installation of ceramic, glass and natural stone tile. Learn about new technology from CUSTOM that has created a much faster shower installation solution than traditional methods in our technical bulletin.

TB91 - Rapid Curing Shower System

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