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Wet environments of any kind, including tiled steam showers, steam rooms and other indoor areas subject to moisture vapor, require different installation considerations when installing tile.

In this edition of CUSTOM's Top 5 Tips, we explore the things every tile installation professional, contractor, designer, specifier, architect and homeowner needs to consider.

- How does the design of the shower, including the ceiling, impact water intrusion
- When do you need a vapor proof barrier
- What is the difference between a wet area with occassional use versus continuous use
- Tile selection matters 
- Always install tile with an appropriate mortar based on the heat and humidity
- Learn what grout types are best for different situations
- What ongoing maintenance is required
- Yes - pools and spas require careful planning and preparation

Not all waterproofing membranes and tiles are suitable for all environments so it is critical that you understand the differences before starting on a residential or commercial project to ensure the project's long-term success and to keep moisture where it belongs!

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