How to Match Grout Color to Fit Your Project

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Choosing grout color is one of the most meaningful aesthetic choices you or a building/home owner will have to make when installing tile or stone.  The right grout color can help transform an entire space by either accenting or blending with the tile.

Township 17Grout

For example, grout colors that match the installed tiles will create a uniform, monolithic look which is ideal for clean and minimalistic designs. Matching grout and tile colors will also make minor imperfections in tile placement or grout line shaping less noticeable. This stylistic choice works better if all the tiles have uniform color.

Celedon 9Grout

Alternatively, using a contrasting grout color will create a striking, patterned look which best compliments more visible tile patterns. The stark difference in grout and tile color can make the installation patterns noticeable. It will bring more focus to the tile and can also be utilized to highlight variances in the layout of the installation.

CUSTOM offers the most extensive designer-inspired grout color palette in the industry in order to accommodate any type of tile. One of the interactive tools that we offer is a Grout Color Selector.  First choose the type of grout that suits your project and then view all the grout color options. We also offer tips on how to select the best grout color for your installation.

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