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CUSTOM Insights recently spoke with Curtis Ballantyne, project manager for Continental Marble and Tile Company in Corona, Calif.  Curtis and his team at Continental were among the first tile contractors to install CUSTOM’s NEW RedGard SpeedCoat™ Rapid Setting Waterproofing Membrane.  RedGard SpeedCoat is formulated with cross-linking moisture cure technology so it cures in as little as one hour, even in challenging jobsite conditions like high humidity.  Here, Curtis shares his thoughts on the performance of RedGard SpeedCoat and the types of jobs that would benefit from such rapid-curing waterproofing. 

Q: Could you tell us about one of the projects where you have used RedGard SpeedCoat? 

A: We recently completed a project at a major theme park in Southern California.  We had two weeks to complete a five week project, so we were working around the clock. This timeline required a very rapid-setting material for the waterproofing and we used RedGard SpeedCoat. 

Q: How did the application process go?

A: It was really easy to use. The handling characteristics are a little different than traditional RedGard but it was simple to use. It rolled and flowed nicely. When you walk on it or when you touch it, it just feels like you’ve got a coat of rubber on the floor.  Plus, it cured really fast just like it was supposed to!

Q: How fast did RedGard SpeedCoat cure?

A: It was fast, but you had long enough to work with it before it started to set up.  We used the one gallon units and we could spread the whole gallon before it set up. Typically, within 45 minutes, it was ready to walk on. We had pretty high humidity in the bathrooms since it was all mud set walls and floors.

Q: Can you estimate how much time this product saves?

A. This particular job it saved a lot of time.  We didn’t have to wait for the mortar bed to totally cure out and we didn’t have to wait to get on the membrane to set tile. So you’re saving days of waiting because a typical mortar bed’s going to take two to three days to cure before you can waterproof it.  We were able to waterproof, water test and tile and it didn’t take three to four days to do that.

Q: Could you install a shower in a day with RedGard SpeedCoat?

A: With traditional waterproofing, you’d have to wait until it was cured.  With SpeedCoat you could do it very quickly. Once it was dry, you could fill it up, water test it, set it and be done with it.

Q: How was the coverage rate?

A: It can go far, especially on smooth concrete. When we did it over the mortar bed, we flat troweled it first and then rolled it. It was pretty easy to do.

Q: When would you recommend RedGard SpeedCoat to other tile contractors? 

SpeedCoat would be good when you’re trying to meet a schedule. When time is of the essence and you’ve got to get something done, you just don’t have the time to wait - that’s when you would use SpeedCoat.

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