Top 5 Tips for Sound Transmission Reduction

Tile and stone flooring systems are durable and beautiful, but due to their hardness, can transmit sound more easily between floors. Watch our Top 5 Tips video and learn how to reduce sound transmission and meet a specific delta IIC specification for your project.

IIC, or impact insulation class, is the rating that measures impact sound reduction. Impact sound is any sound caused by something striking the floor, like footsteps or dropped objects. The test for IIC consists of a calibrated device that taps on the floor. The decibel reduction in the space below is measured. The higher your IIC rating, the better your impact sound control classification.

Do not be mislead by membrane product claims involving unrealistically high IIC ratings. These often assume the use of elaborate ceiling constructions and additional acoustical reduction products. Their delta IIC ratings cited may be higher than the ratings of the individual products.

Watching CUSTOM’s full video will explain the Top Five Tips for reducing sound in tile flooring installations.

Products mentioned in the video include EasyMat, and CrackBuster Pro, which reduces crack transmissions as well as sound transmission in tile and stone assemblies.

For more information about sound testing, read our technical bulletin: /media/686961/tb29_soundreduction.pdf

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