Maximizing Floor Flatness for Installing Large Format Tile

Great looking tile installations start with a level subfloor. This is especially important if you’re installing large format tile or plank style tile with one side 15” or greater.  Without proper preparation, uneven subfloors can cause tile lippage or even cracking!

First, prime your underlayment with LevelQuik® Latex Primer. It seals porous surfaces and improves the bond of underlayments.

Next, level your subfloor with a self leveling underlayment. CUSTOM recommends LevelQuik®  RS, which seeks its own level in minutes. Simply pour it over an uneven concrete subfloor or use it with metal lath over a raised wood subfloor to achieve a smooth finish that reduces the potential for lippage between tiles that creates headaches once your tile is installed.

After you’ve leveled your underlayment, always use a medium bed mortar designated for large and heavy tile. These mortars may be applied up to 3/4" thick and provide superior coverage and anti-slump properties, reducing lippage between tiles.

Following these tips and all ANSI and TCNA guidelines is the surest way to a great looking large format tile installation. Don’t forget to watch the video above for even more tips on installing self leveling underlayments.

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