Aqua Mix® Grout Release



Have you ever experienced grout sticking to your tile making cleaup time consuming? There is a better and more efficient way to work. 

Many common tile types, including porcelain and stone, can pose a challenge during the grouting process. Natural stone, textured tile, matte unpolished porcelain tiles, or tiles with a coating commonly pose a challenge when cleaning grout haze or residue. The nature of porous and uneven tiles can make them more difficult to clean.

Aqua Mix® Grout Release is the solution. It’s a temporary, water-soluble, low VOC coating applied 30 minutes before grouting. It’s like an insurance policy, making the cleanup of typical  grout residue faster and easier. The cost to protect your tile using Aqua Mix® Grout Release is very low and easily pays for itself in terms of labor time. Proactively preventing grout haze before it occurs is much easier than trying to clean it after it has set.   Alternatively, you can also use a sealer, but sealers can change the appearance of your tile. Grout Release is ideal when an unaltered look is desired.

For more information on how to use Grout Release, read our technical bulletin.

For complete product details, read the Aqua Mix® Grout Release Technical Data Sheet.

Watch our video for tips on using Aqua Mix® Grout Release with Fusion Pro® Grout.

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