Protect your tile installation from cracks!

CUSTOM offers several crack isolation solutions, all of which meet the ANSI A118.12 high-performance crack isolation standard. Consider these tips when selecting the right product for your next project:

- Liquid-applied membranes, like CUSTOM's RedGard and FractureFree, are very easy to apply and do not require surface priming. Additionally, liquid membranes offer seamless application over areas with irregular shapes.

- Uncoupling Mats, such as SpiderWeb II, are designed to separate from the substrate if the stress becomes too great. Uncoupling mats require greater PSI pressure to uncouple compared to other crack isolation alternatives, adding additional protection to the installation.

- Manufactured crack prevention mats like Crack Buster Pro can be applied quickly and allow tile to be installed over them immediately. They are ideal for time-sensitive installations.

- Sound reducing mat underlayments like EasyMat provide a buffer for the transfer of noise through the tile installation, which is ideal for residential and commercial structures where sound pollution is a consideration.

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