Installing tile 15” or longer on any side?  Did you know you need a mortar rated for large and heavy tile? 

CUSTOM offers six Large Format Tile (LFT) mortars that promote flat, even tile installations.

  • MegaLite:  Ultimate performance, crack prevention, lightweight, for walls and floors
  • ProLite:  Premium performance, lightweight, for walls and floors
  • FlexBond-LFT:  Premium performance, crack prevention, for walls and floors.  Available in Canada.
  • Complete Contact-LFT: Premium performance, flowable (reduces need for backbuttering), rapid setting for floors
  • Natural Stone & Large Tile Mortar:  Premium performance, for walls and floors
  • VersaBond-LFT: Professional performance, for floors

DON’T rely on folklore alternatives such as:

  • Spot bonding
  • Using less than the recommended amount of water or hot water
  • Adding kitchen ingredients like baking soda to “thicken” a mortar

There is no substitute for using a medium bed or large format tile mortar and making sure that the installation achieves 80% mortar coverage under the tile for interior applications.

For more information read our white paper on Medium Bed Mortars and view our Large Format Tile product brochure

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