Six Tips You Need To Know About Extreme Heat and Humidity Grouting

Six Tips You Need to Know About Extreme Heat & Humidity Grouting


In the blazing heat of summer, grouting tile can sometimes pose challenges. Save time and avoid problems by following all of our best practices. We’ve heard all of the quick-fix solutions; they might sound great now, but they’ll cost you in the long run.

• Keep it cool. Store the bags of grout inside or under shade until they are to be used. Use cool water to mix grout powder. Keep ice on hand to cool down the water if necessary.

• Do not mix the grout with excessive amounts of water or remix with additional water. This will affect the color and cause soft and powdery grout.

• Avoid mid-day grouting in extreme heat. Grout in the early morning or late afternoon when temperatures are cooler. Shade the tile project if possible.

• Lightly dampen the tile with clean, cool water prior to grouting. This helps to cool down the tile and prevents porous tile from drawing the moisture out of the grout too rapidly.

• Cover or damp cure the cementitious grouts according to instructions on the technical data sheet. Cover the installation with 30 lb, non-staining kraft paper for 72 hours immediately after installation. If left exposed, periodically mist.

• Polymer-modified cementitious grouts, such as Polyblend® or Prism®, are formulated to retain moisture and promote proper curing over a wide variety of conditions.

Ready to learn best practices for other types of extreme conditions? Read our full white paper for tips on grouting when it’s cold, when the wind is blowing, or when relative humidity is very low.

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