Complete Contact-LFT Rapid Setting Mortar: Performance and Speed for Large Tile Installations on Floors

CCLFTGToday's commercial and residential projects use tiles larger than what was typically seen a decade ago. Be sure to use the correct mortar for the installation if any tile with a side 15" or larger.

The size and weight of large format and plank-shape tiles requires that medium bed mortars be used to provide support. A non-slump medium bed mortar that cures evenly can help prevent costly cracks and breaks in tile, and will provide a durable base to stand up to heavy use. In order to address the needs of today's larger job sites, CUSTOM formulated Complete Contact-LFT Rapid Setting Mortar to deliver the performance that large and plank tile installations require. The mortar helps save installers time, with the potential to eliminate back-buttering, while its rapid setting formula allows for same-day grouting.

Complete Contact-LFT is a flowable mortar with a unique consistency that is specially formulated for floors. The mortar holds its ridges and supports deeper notch trowel sizes. Complete Contact-LFT can be applied up to 3/4" thick for all tile sizes and types. The mortar's flowable properties mean that the ridges collapse easily to allow for full, even mortar coverage on the back of the tile without back-buttering or beating-in techniques, reducing installation time.

Additionally, Complete Contact-LFT is formulated with CUSTOM's Controlled Cure Technology™, which promotes even curing under the tile. An even cure encourages flatness while reducing cupping and cracking. This reduces tripping hazards between uneven tiles. The rapid-setting properties of Complete Contact-LFT also allow installers to grout the installation in as little as three hours, and open the floor to heavy commercial traffic just 24 hours after grouting. This mortar is perfect for large jobs, repairs, and renovations on continuously-open businesses.

Complete Contact-LFT also uses less water than traditional mortars while covering the same surface area. It exceeds ANSI A118.4, A118.11 and A118.15 standards without the need for additives.

For more information about Complete Contact-LFT Rapid Setting Mortar, check out the product page.

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