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On a cold winter morning, heated floor tiles can make all the difference. To keep cold toes happy when it's chilly outside, use our tips for a successful heated floor installation:

  • Level the floor first! Do not put a self-leveling underlayment over the heating mat; this means that the mat is set over an uneven surface, so the temperature of the floor will be uneven too. Prepare the surface with a self-leveler like LevelQuik RS before installing the mat.
  • A thermal break prevents heat from going towards the subfloor, directing it to the floor surface. Make sure you are using a product that is rated for this application, like EasyMat Stone & Tile Underlayment.
  • Select a bonding mortar that is formulated to work with heating mats and the anticipated temperature changes. Make sure you are installing with a mortar that meets ANSI A118.4 or A118.15 standards. CUSTOM morars like FlexBond or MegaLite, which can qualify for a system warranty that can last up to a lifetime when used with a complete system of CUSTOM products. Refer to the installation materials from your heating system for recommendations.

Details on EasyMat as a thermal break
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