LQ50A crucial and often-overlooked step in any tile project is ensuring that the surface to be tiled is flat. During the installation process, flatness provides a uniform subfloor surface that makes mortar installation easier. As small variances are smoothed over, installers will not need to worry about filling in with mortar, weakening the substrate. This in turn saves time when installing tiles. A level subfloor assists in making the tiled surface level as well.

CUSTOM's LevelQuik® RS Rapid Setting Self-Leveling Underlayment provides a superior solution for obtaining floor flatness, especially in time-sensitive installations. In one pour, LevelQuik RS can be applied up to 1.5" thick, and it seeks its own level in minutes.

LevelQuik RS bonds to many porous and non-porous substrates. An added bond may be achieved by applying LevelQuik® Latex Primer to the subfloor prior to the use of LevelQuik® RS. With proper installation, a surface prepared with LevelQuik RS can achieve an extra heavy rating for high impact use in industrial applications.

Additionally, the rapid setting formula makes it ideal for time-sensitive construction or renovation projects. A surface covered in LevelQuik RS may be ready for tile in as little as four hours. Its Controlled Cure™ formula ensures that the self-leveling underlayment cures at a uniform rate, reducing the risks of bond failure, crumbling, surface material staining and variances in the floor height.

LevelQuik RS meets or exceeds ANSI A108.01 and A108.02 standards, as well as ASTM C1708, C627 and F1869 standards.

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