MBP 3.5Sometimes budgets or job site conditions dictate that tile and stone must be installed over substrates that offer minimal adhesion, increasing the risk of bond failure. When the underlying surface is a challenging material like pre-existing tile, non-porous concrete, metal or epoxy coating, the constraints of time and cost make preparing these surfaces to receive new coverings a challenge to installers. To address these installation issues, CUSTOM developed MBP Multi-Surface Bonding Primer, a water-based primer engineered to deliver unsurpassed adhesion to a variety of difficult-to-bond substrates.

Formulated with aggregates and polymers that promote mechanical bonds over both porous and non-porous substrates, MBP's low VOC, single component formula does not require mixing and can be applied in one coat for most applications with either a roller or a brush for a fast installation. The primer cures quickly, allowing for the installation of self-leveling underlayments or cement mortars or tile adhesives without much downtime. Additionally, MBP does not require shot blasting or grinding in most cases, making it especially quick and easy to use.

One of the most important steps in any tile or stone installation project is the proper preparation of the substrate to receive tile. MBP helps to prepare almost any substrate surface without sacrificing quality or time.

For more information about MBP Multi-Surface Bonding Primer, watch the video!

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