Large Format Tile Mortars: Custom solutions for the unique challenges of large tile installation

Featured Product (1)CUSTOM's newly-expanded line of large format tile mortars offers tile contractors and architects more options than ever to help meet the demands of installations that use larger-sized tiles.

Due to the dimensions of larger tile, supporting mortars need to provide more even, durable support and fuller coverage for the tiles. To address this, CUSTOM offers several mortars that offer benefits to large format tile installations.

CUSTOM's ProLite® Large Format Tile & Stone Mortar provides a lightweight medium bed solution that offers high flexibility and bond strength to large tile installations. Thanks to its non-sag and non-slip characteristics, ProLite is well-suited to wall installations; its non-slump features make it an excellent choice for floor installations too. It is also available in a rapid-setting formula that is perfect for time-sensitive projects.

Complete Contact™–LFT Rapid Setting Large Format Tile & Stone Mortar is a premium, rapid setting, flowable mortar that delivers complete coverage on floors without the need to back-butter tiles. The texture of Complete Contact-LFT is more fluid than traditional thin-set mortars, yet it holds its ridges and supports the deeper notch trowel sizes needed for large format tiles. Formulated with Controlled Cure Technology™, it cures rapidly and develops high early strength for quicker installations, which allows for grouting in as little as three hours and heavy commercial traffic 24 hours after grouting.

Large Format Tile–LFT Fortified Medium Bed Mortar offers non-sag, non-slump and non-slip support for interior or exterior installations on floors, walls and countertops. The mortar offers excellent handling and provides a durable setting surface for larger tiles.

The Best Tools for the Job

The trowel used for the mortar can play a key role during installation, as proper notch patterns are key to full mortar coverage. The SuperiorBilt® Premium Notch Trowel has a patented notch pattern engineered for better contact and fuller, more even coverage. This in turn potentially eliminates the need for back-buttering tile, helping to reduce time during the installation.

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