October 2015

The Importance of Movement Joints

Every tile installation requires allowances for the natural expansion and contraction of tile. These take the form of movement joints, commonly called expansion joints, which help eliminate stress in the tile when changes in conditions cause this expansion and contraction. The most common cause of movement is changes in temperature, but humidity, vibration, and changes in plane can all exacerbate the problem.  Some tile types are more reactive than others to these types of conditions.

Read on to learn how to protect your tile installations!


New Life for Old Tile

Need to breathe new life into old tile?  Or, do you or your customer not like the color of their grout?  One of the quickest solutions is to recolor the old grout.  Learn more.


Maximizing Floor Flatness for Installing Large Format Tile

Great looking tile installations start with a level subfloor. This is especially important if you’re installing large format tile or plank style tile with one side 15” or greater.  Without proper preparation, uneven subfloors can cause tile lippage or even cracking!


Aqua Mix® Grout Release

Have you ever experienced grout sticking to your tile making cleaup time consuming? There is a better and more efficient way to work. 


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