self leveling underlayment

Self-Leveling Underlayments Improve Floor Covering Performance

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Need to expedite your project schedule but don’t want to sacrifice quality? One key to a quality floor installation is starting off with a flat substrate. The simplest way to achieve flatness is by using a self-leveling underlayment, which offers a rapid cure to fast track the installation of ceramic or natural stone set with modified thin set mortars. Learn how a self-leveling underlayment can help minimize downtime and avoid costly installation failure.


Discover Our Top Five Tips for Rapid Setting Tile Installations

A rapid setting tile installation can actually be more cost effective to the end user by keeping businesses open with minimal downtime.  Fast track tile installations can benefit both commercial and residential projects. While there are distinct advantages, there are also things to consider in order to maximize your resources and avoid problems.

Watch our video for our top five tips for rapid setting tile installations to successfully complete projects and avoid costly delays and future failures.


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