Trust the RedGard Family of Products for Waterproofing and Crack Isolation in Tile Installations

When it comes to waterproofing and crack isolation in tile assemblies, trust the RedGard brand from Custom Building Products.

RedGard’s proven performance in both residential and commercial applications has made it one of the best selling waterproofing and crack prevention brands in North America.

Count on CUSTOM’s complete RedGard family of products for fast, reliable tile installations.


Waterproofing Membrane Creates a Shower in a Day with Rapid-Curing System

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What is the fastest way to build a mortar bed and waterproof a shower?

What shower installation method is best suited for your project? The pre-slope and shower pan liner method? Waterproofing on top of the mortar bed using traditional mortar and membrane materials? A rapid curing system?

Learn about new technology from CUSTOM that has created a much faster shower installation solution than traditional methods in our technical bulletin.


Prevent Cracks in Tiled Surfaces Through Subfloor Preparation

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Tile installed in homes and businesses continues to get larger and larger. Tile 15”, 24” and larger make up the majority of tile installed today and these tile are considered large format, which is defined as tile 15 inches or longer on any side including plank shaped tile. This popular design trend is pushing the boundaries of tile installation with increased importance on crack prevention. 


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