Large Format Tile Mortar

The bigger the tile, the more you need CUSTOM.

Planning on installing large tile on walls? Not all mortars are created equal! You’ll need mortar with a high polymer content that won’t sag or slip. CUSTOM offers mortars ideal for holding large format tile on walls and even ceilings successfully.  Remember, large format tile is any tile with one or more sides 15” or longer, backed by CUSTOM’s lifetime system warranty when used with a qualifying system of products.


Top 5 Tips for Sound Transmission Reduction

Tile and stone flooring systems are durable and beautiful, but due to their hardness, can transmit sound more easily between floors. Watch our Top 5 Tips video and learn how to reduce sound transmission and meet a specific delta IIC specification for your project.


Fusion Pro's Unsurpassed Stain Resistance

Unsurpassed stain resistance. It’s just one of the features that makes Fusion Pro grout an industry leader. Basic grouts stain easily unless they are sealed. But don’t take our word for it—watch our demo to see just how well Fusion Pro resists stains when compared to typical cementitious grouts.


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