Discover Our Top Five Tips for Rapid Setting Tile Installations

A rapid setting tile installation can actually be more cost effective to the end user by keeping businesses open with minimal downtime.  Fast track tile installations can benefit both commercial and residential projects. While there are distinct advantages, there are also things to consider in order to maximize your resources and avoid problems.

Watch our video for our top five tips for rapid setting tile installations to successfully complete projects and avoid costly delays and future failures.


Moisture Control and Waterproofing in Wet Environments - Top 5 Tips for Tile Installation

Tiled steam showers, steam rooms and other indoor areas subject to moisture vapor require different installation considerations.

In this edition of CUSTOM's Top 5 Tips, we explore the things every tile installation professional, contractor, designer, specifier, architect and homeowner needs to consider. Not all waterproofing membranes and tiles are suitable for all environments so it is critical that you understand the differences before starting on a residential or commercial project to ensure the project's long-term success and to keep moisture where it belongs!


Tile a Backsplash with SimpleMat!

Thanksgiving is almost here! Are you going to be hosting guests? Improve the appearance of your kitchen quickly with the addition of a backsplash.  Achieving a designer look using SimpleMat® Tile Setting Mat, is quicker and easier than you may think. It’s a great do-it-yourself project.


The Importance of Movement Joints

Every tile installation requires allowances for the natural expansion and contraction of tile. These take the form of movement joints, commonly called expansion joints, which help eliminate stress in the tile when changes in conditions cause this expansion and contraction. The most common cause of movement is changes in temperature, but humidity, vibration, and changes in plane can all exacerbate the problem.  Some tile types are more reactive than others to these types of conditions.

Read on to learn how to protect your tile installations!


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