Extreme Conditions Grouting

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Is every tile project installed in ideal weather conditions?  Probably not.  For the best results, grout should be installed when the temperature is between 50°F and 100°F with controlled humidity and wind, after the bonding mortar has properly cured. 

Read our technical bulletin on Extreme Weather Grouting for tips and things to consider when conditions are less than ideal.


White Paper: Extreme Weather Tiling

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Setting tile in adverse or even severe weather conditions presents unique challenges.  The key to a successful project is preparation.

CUSTOM's Technical Services team provides guidance for setting tile when the weather does not cooperate. While these extreme conditions are usually experienced on exterior installation projects, the recommendations also apply to work inside buildings  that lack climate control.


Top 5 Tips Video: Exterior Tiling

Exterior tile installation presents unique challenges for tile contractors and design professionals.  Tile selection, mortar selection and waterproofing membrane selection is critical to a projects success.

As part of CUSTOM's Top 5 Tips educational video series, Sr. Director of Technical Services Mike Micalizzi discusses the most critical things you need to consider.


Tile Installation System Tools for Design & Specification Professionals

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Looking for online tools to help you write the 09 30 00 tile spec for a warranted installation of tile products? 

The CUSTOM website offers resources that make specifying the right tile installation system fast and easy.  Plus, you can always call on our team of Architectural Consultants for expert technical assistance.

Learn more about:

  • Product selection by ANSI standard
  • Our 3-part CSI specs
  • Our ARCAT Wizard and BIM Objects Library
  • Additional technical documentation
  • AIA / CES Seminars

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