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SIMPLE Installation System

The Simple line of tile installation products are an easy and ready-to-use, no-mix, no-mess alternative to traditional powdered installation products.

Simple Product Group

SIMPLE Mat Tile Setting Mat

simplematSimpleMat is the quickest, easiest, and cleanest way to install tile on countertops and backsplashes. SimpleMat replaces traditional thin-set mortar or mastic adhesive. The adhesive retains its bonding strength for extended periods of time, meaning that users have the flexibility to tile onto the mat an hour at a time or over several days and because SimpleMat bonds instantly you can start grouting immediately.

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SIMPLE Premix Prep


SimplePrep© Pre-Mixed Floor Patch

Repairs holes and cracks in concrete and plywood floors prior to installing tile or other flooring. Smooths and fills minor dips and imperfections.

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SIMPLE Premix Set


SimpleSet© Pre-Mixed Thin-Set Mortar

A no-mix, no-mess alternative to traditional thin-set mortars spreads quickly and easily.

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SIMPLE Premix Grout & Caulk


SimpleGrout® Pre-Mixed Grout

The no-mix, no-mess alternative to traditional grout is highly resistant to common stains and ideal for grout restoration.

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SimpleFix® Pre-Mixed Adhesive & Grout

Ready-to-use product bonds and grouts ceramic floor and wall tile. Crack, shrink and stain resistant. Great for repairs and small jobs.

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SimpleFix Caulk

SimpleFix® Ceramic Tile & Fixture Caulk

For caulking around sinks, tubs, showers and where tile meets tile or another surface. Also adheres bath fixtures and loose tile. Do not use to install grab bars. Maximum joint width and depth should not exceed 1/4" (6 mm). Do not use in areas with constant water exposure. For interior use only.

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