• Unsurpassed Stain Resistance
  • Never Needs Sealing
  • Easy to Spread and Clean
  • Ultimate Color Consistency
Fusion Pro - DIY
Fusion Pro Grout
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Fusion Pro® Grout delivers unsurpassed stain resistance against common household stains, such as coffee, mustard and cooking oil, all without needing to be sealed - ever. It cures stronger than typical cement grouts, standing up to heavy and frequent use in kitchens and bathrooms. You or your professional installer will love working with Fusion Pro. It is ready to use out of the bucket with no mixing required and is easy to spread and clean. The grout works with all tile types for interior and exterior installations on walls and floors. Built-in Microban® antimicrobial protection inhibits the growth of stain-causing mold and mildew on dried grout.
Why Use Fusion Pro?
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  • Ultimate stain resistance compared to other grout types. Also resists mold and mildew growth.
  • Great workability, creamy consistency. As easy as working with cement grout. No need to wait; start grouting and cleaning immediately!
  • Color consistent from pail to pail, batch to batch. Not cement-based so no efflorescence.
  • Superior color consistency with no streaking, shading or patching.

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