Prolite™ Rapid Set Proves To Be Just What Canada Line Rapid Transit Needed

Prolite™ Rapid Set Proves To Be Just What Canada Line Rapid Transit Needed

Prolite™ Rapid Set Proves To Be Just What Canada Line Rapid Transit NeededAs Vancouver, in British Columbia, Canada, prepares to take the world stage as host of the 2010 Olympic Winter Games, the city is upgrading and expanding its system of public transportation. One key component in this effort is the new Canada Line, a rapid transit line linking Vancouver International Airport (YVR) with downtown Vancouver. The $2 billion project includes both elevated stations and underground tunnels, and is expected to open in November 2009, making it the only Canadian airport with a passenger railway connection.

Currently under fast-paced construction to meet critical deadlines, the Canada Line will have stations with both interior and exterior tile floor installations, using large-format 12-inch by 24-inch porcelain tiles. While porcelain tile will provide a durable, long-wearing surface, this project required a fast-setting material that could also support the large format tile and provide the high bond strength necessary for a high traffic installation. Tile contractor, Creo Stone, Vancouver, opted to use ProLite® RS (Rapid Setting) Tile & Stone Mortar from Custom® Building Products.

Prolite™ Rapid Set Proves To Be Just What Canada Line Rapid Transit Needed“Another 2-part mortar system had originally been specified for the installations, but we needed to look at alternatives that would not compromise performance, but eliminate costly and time consuming additives” said Craig Wood, project manager, Creo Stone. David Sherley, an architectural consultant with Custom, recommended ProLite RS, which has a number of advantages including a light weight formula, medium bed capabilities, high bond strength and extended open times with fast curing – making it ideal for commercial projects. Creo Stone used ProLite RS as a test in the Marine Drive station, an exterior, above-ground floor installation, and was extremely satisfied with the results.

Prolite™ Rapid Set Proves To Be Just What Canada Line Rapid Transit Needed“Custom has come up with a winner with ProLite RS. It was easier to work with than most other commercial-rated mortars, and more cost-effective,” said Wood. “With ProLite RS, we had savings on labor because we could work faster, it was easier to carry up the long staircases on this jobsite, and we had reduced waste because of the long pot life. Open time was almost an hour, which gave us great productivity.”

Wood also said ProLite RS spread smoothly like a thin-set with a 3/4-inch trowel, and held up very well as a medium bed, without sagging, slumping or lippage. “It’s definitely one of the very best commercial mortars we’ve ever used. We’ll be using ProLite RS whenever possible from now.” Because it contains recycled materials, ProLite RS is part of Custom’s Build Green™ program, which provides products that contribute to LEED® certification. The Marine Drive Station used ProLite RS as part of a complete installation system, including Custom® 9240 Waterproofing and Anti-Fracture Membrane and Prism® SureColor® Grout. The installation is backed by Custom’s installation systems warranty.


Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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Tile Contractor:

Creo Stone Vancouver, B.C. Canada

CBP Architectural Consultant:

David Sherley


Canada Line Rapid Transit, Inc., a subsidiary of South Coast British Columbia Transportation Authority / TransLink