CUSTOM Shower Systems Provide Waterproofing Solution on the Waterfront

CUSTOM Shower Systems Provide Waterproofing Solution on the Waterfront

CUSTOM Shower Systems Provide Waterproofing Solution on the WaterfrontMaxwell Place, the latest luxury community created by a distinguished residential developer, was built right on the Hudson River waterfront in New Jersey. It sits on the historic site of the Maxwell House coffee factory and includes several high-rise residential buildings with stunning views of the Manhattan skyline. Those lucky enough to call it home understand and demand quality.

The project’s tile contractor, Sesso Tile and Stone of Paterson, N.J., selected CUSTOM Shower Installation Systems ShowerSlope™ for waterproofing the tiled bathrooms in each new condominium. The firm’s owner, Ernie Sesso, explained that the choice came after careful consideration of the options available and installation analysis of the slopes compared to traditional mud beds.

“ShowerSlopes are built to last and have a leak-proof guarantee,” said Sesso. “Plus, they saved time and labor costs over laying a mud bed and waiting for it to dry. With the slopes, we could begin tiling sooner and deliver the project faster.”

Sesso was so impressed with the advantages of the ShowerSlope system that he has also selected them for his next residential high-rise installation. He even ordered one for the remodel of his own home.

CUSTOM Shower Systems Provide Waterproofing Solution on the WaterfrontCUSTOM ShowerSlope is constructed from lightweight but durable high-density EPS, then encapsulated in a fiber-mesh and epoxy finish. The slope design includes a 2% grade pitch towards a unique drain capable of connecting to almost any shower plumbing system. ShowerSlopes are available in nine standard sizes with completely customizable configurations and drain locations – or the slope can be easily cut up to 3″ on each side in the field.

These CUSTOM order-to-fit and cut-to-fit features helped Sesso choose the ShowerSlope for Maxwell Place with its many differently sized and shaped shower stalls. To enhance their efficiency, the slopes are fast and easy to install – just like a tile – using a modified thin-set mortar.

CUSTOM Shower Systems Provide Waterproofing Solution on the WaterfrontCUSTOM Shower Installation Systems HardCurb™ was installed around the shower perimeter. The curb comes pre-coated with RedGard, and was easily cut to fit the multiple configurations required in the field. HardCurb has a solid EPS core and the top is made from tough PVCore™. This material provides a solid anchor to support the hardware needed for glass shower enclosures.

Two other CUSTOM products were used to complete the waterproofing system. RedGard® Waterproofing and Crack Prevention Membrane was applied over the slope and backerboard to ensure a continuous waterproof barrier throughout the installation. The liquid membrane dries quickly to enable same-day tiling.

CUSTOM Shower Systems Provide Waterproofing Solution on the WaterfrontKnown for the quality of their luxury home construction, the developers were clear that only the highest performance building materials were acceptable for the construction of Maxwell Place. Installed together, CUSTOM ShowerSlope, RedGard Waterproofing Membrane and HardCurb™ create a highly durable and reliable waterproofing system. Since quality craftsmanship is top of mind for these home buyers, it made CUSTOM Shower Installation Systems the perfect fit for waterfront living at Maxwell Place.


Hoboken, NJ

Year Completed:


Tile Contractor:

Sesso Tile and Marble, Paterson, N.J.

CBP Architectural Consultant:

David DeBear, CTC, CSI

CBP Regional Technical Representative:

Matt Grandinetti CTC